Every woman has a WARRIOR inside of her! She is the one with the strength and ability to fight for what she believes. She is independent, she takes control of her life and stands in her own power. Her energy moves you forward to achieve what you desire. She makes life possible.

Every woman also has a GODDESS inside of her… She is sovereign in her grace. She is the source of life and the full embodiment of the feminine, in al her love, flow ad wisdom. Her energy allows us to connect to our authentic selves. She makes life worth living.

Imagine if you could discover the ability to transition seamless from one to the other, and bring the Warrior Goddess power and energy to your everyday life.

This is your time, and you can focus on taking care of your own needs, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate your mind, heart, body and soul. It’s your time to feel whole as a woman!


 In this unique experience we will uncover and unleash the beauty and power of your Warrior side, your Goddess side and everything in between!


  • The awareness of the energies you have available in your body
  • To recognize patterns that are holding you back from a magnificent relationship 
  • The ability to recognize when you are stuck in your head and can’t hear your heart
  • How to take all your love, care and compassion you show to others and show it to yourself.
  • Sense of self, connection to your deeper truth and your higher self



Inspired by 1900s era Spanish Revival-style architecture, the hotel is set on 255 lush acres featuring suites, each with exquisite views, luxurious furnishings, and first-class amenities.

  • 10 minutes from Orlando International Airport
  • 4 nights lodging included
  • Nourishing meals included during duration of event
  • 4 swimming pools, championship golf course, spa



Wife, mother, business owner, advocate for women’s wellness, personal growth and feminine expression.

Barbara is the founder of Feminine Freedom, a combination of feminine embodiment, healing and relationship guidance. Her mission is to awaken women to the power of their Divine Feminine essence, helping them to find the freedom of being themselves and live an authentic life. She guides women to a journey to self awareness, self love, how to appreciate and embrace their femininity. She helps women to move past their challenges and release any energy that might be holding them back. By embracing the freedom in expressing who they really are, women develop a better relationship with their bodies, their partners and everyone around them.

She is also a 7th degree Black Belt Master, 19 times World Champion, and co-owner of over 40 Victory Martial Arts schools, what makes her unique in teaching harmony between the Divine Masculine and Feminine. She believes the ability to shift seamless from one to the other is the key to live a harmonious life, where every woman can feel whole and complete.

Sharing time with Barbara will bring you freedom, joy, self love and will inspire you to connect and express your true authentic self.


Psychic, spiritual land guide, intuitive counselor and Retreat and Ceremony leader.

Phaedra is a fourth generation empath, healer and psychic. She was raised with traditional values and an endless pallet of spiritual insight. Nurtured in her experience of the metaphysics, native traditions and ceremony of many cultures around the world.

Now a resident of Sedona, she has dedicated herself to helping others find their path, modalities and spiritual awakening.

Welcoming everyone in with an endless fountain of compassion, love and generosity, she helps people overcome the effects of their past traumas and life experiences that lead to blockages and disease. She focuses on identifying and releasing through an integrative practice in order to create optimal health and new future outcomes.

Through her wisdom, care, intuition, she creates magical experiences and opens a world of possibilities for anyone who is open to receive her teachings.

Sharing time with Phaedra will bring you clarity and peace of mind, helping you overcome challenges that hold you back from manifesting the life you desire.


As a lifelong student of the healing arts, her personal journey of self-love and acceptance has been done through dance and movement. Unlocking the power of her own body created the burning desire to provide a space for it to happen for others.

Currently, she resides in magical Bozeman, Montana where she created a community-built dance studio that provides adults and children a place to move and express themselves authentically.

She is most inspired by spending time playing in nature. Growing up on a farm instilled her with a strong work ethic, deep compassion, and connection to all living things.

Her greatest achievement is being the mother of two beautiful boys.

Spending time with Sadie will bring you joy and peace. She is a kind and supportive guide to self- acceptance and love.



This is an intimate event with limited capacity.

You will be placed on a waitlist and notified when registration opens.

Admission will be on a first come first serve basis.


Retreat begins on Saturday, September 24th at 7pm and finishes on Tuesday, September 27th at 10pm. 

Meals are included for the whole duration of the retreat. 

Hotel room is included from September 24th to 28th.

Hotel Check in is begins at 3pm, please plan on arriving on Saturday, September 24th between 3pm and 6pm.

Checkout will be on Wednesday, September 28th before 11am.

You will receive an email with a packing list and additional details 2 weeks prior to the event.