Feminine Freedom Bundle


Organic Bergamot: Amplifies joy, self confidence and energy. Enlivens sex life.
Orange Sweet Orange: Brings happiness to the heart, joy and playfulness.
Organic Patchouli: Erotically sexual. Encourages Liberation from boundaries, curiosity and freedom.
Organic Coconut Oil: Hydrates, antioxidant and anti aging.
Organic Evening-Primrose Oil: Enhances texture and elasticity of the skin. Balances hormones.
Organic Lavender: Calming and intuitive. Balances emotions, awakens harmony and washes away conflicts.
Organic Rose Damascena: Brings openness, unconditional love and surrender. Sensuously feminine.
Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil: Deeply hydrates and plumps skin. anti aging.
Organic Vetiver: Grounding, relieves emotional trauma. Allows one to stand in her own power.
Organic Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes, anti fungal and anti aging.
Organic Geranium: Draws love, fertility and protection. Encompasses feminine energy, opens heart and heals pain of memories.